Installation experience and remote control.

Installation experience and remote control.

The Dervus Design LLC team designed and manufactured a small apartment building with a second floor and an atrium.

According to the Dervus Design business model, we do not prepare the construction site and install the house on the site, but we must foresee all the difficulties that our partner encounters when installing the house and to facilitate and simplify his tasks at the construction site as much as possible.

To this end, we ensured installation practice for our entire team, which works in the factory, and organized installation at the construction site for our partner. In the process, we analyzed the technical processes that arise during the assembly of Dervus houses on the site, and improved some of the technologies.

The video of the assembly of the house can be viewed on our YouTube channel at the links:

Also, this house was equipped with a remote monitoring system for basic physical indicators such as: humidity and air temperature in rooms and inside structures, atmospheric pressure and CO2 level. This will give us the opportunity to track the critical parameters of these quantities and make adjustments affecting them technical and design decisions.